The Firm provides specialized tax advice to national and international business groups in the fulfillment of their tax obligations, as well as in the national and international organization of their activities and in the planning and execution of the structural modifications that may be convenient.


Financial Tax

The Firm has developed a remarkable experience in providing this service to entities that are part of the financial sector (credit institutions, insurance companies, investment services firms and investment vehicle management entities) both from the institutional perspective and regarding these entities’ products and services. Thus, the Team provides assistance in the analysis of private and investment banking, venture capital and other products and services of the banking, insurance and financial institutions sectors.

We intervene in the definition of tax risk control and management policies and their implementation in all areas of the company’s activity.


Tax advice related to commercial and real estate transactions

In coordination with other Firm departments, as well as with other professionals, our team participates in the planning and execution of transactions in order to determine the most appropriate alternative from a tax point of view, ensuring an efficient management of tax costs and risks.