Law Firm

GTA VILLAMAGNA was founded in 2012 by leading professionals in the legal sector within their corresponding practice areas (Felipe Alonso Fernández and Ernesto García-Trevijano Garnica), together with their own teams, trained at the best Universities. Some of them have currently became partners of the Firm.

Mission of the Firm

Our Clients’ success is our main reward. We make sure that our Clients consider us their partners in the legal area.

To this end, we have a team of excellent professionals, both in human and business aspects, who undergo continuous legal and economic training from the moment they join the firm and whom we involve from the early stages of their professional career in the client’s service together with the responsible partner of the matter. It’s key to understand our Clients’ business as it is the only way we can clearly identify their problems and thus, offer innovative and efficient solutions that make easy what was initially complex.


Strategic Insight

Society in general, and the economic world in particular, are in constant change and evolution, which determines our Clients’ needs since they are influenced by the environment and the rest of intervening subjects.

Consequently, the Firm approaches the law practice, a liberal profession based on traditional values, in an innovative and efficient way, in order to anticipate the needs of our Clients and the problems that, in our experience, may arise, providing assistance both in the assessment and management of the risks they may be taking, as well as in the search for solutions of current or potential problems.


Essential values on which our legal practice rests upon

  • Ethics and deontology
  • The team’s commitment to our Clients
  • Flexibility to adapt to the Client’s needs.
  • Technical quality and experience.
  • The search for talent and excellence, equal opportunities and respect for diversity.