Litigation and Arbitration

The Firm has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, providing sophisticated pre-litigation and litigation solutions to our Clients’ most varied and complex matters (both companies and individuals).

The arbitration team is highly experienced in defending our Clients’ interests in both commercial and investment arbitrations, administered by national and international courts.

Based on a solid technical knowledge, our attorneys manage judicial and arbitration proceedings considering minimizing the risks associated with any conflict as the best procedural strategy. Our services are provided by teams of lawyers who are highly specialized in the sectors involved in each matter and mainly comprise the following areas:

  • Exercise of actions and defense of the Clients’ interests before the civil jurisdiction regarding the fulfillment and termination of contracts, contractual and non-contractual liability claims, and actions defending property and other rights in rem, among others.
  • GTA Villamagna has extensive experience in civil litigation of corporate specialty, relating to business disputes and directors’ liability, mergers and acquisitions of companies and business divisions, and industrial and intellectual property, such as trademarks and patents.
  • Domestic and international arbitration. We assist our Clients in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, deriving from both public and private sector contracts, in real estate, construction, mergers and acquisitions, supplies and services, execution of shareholders’ agreements, blockades, etc.
  • Litigation before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction, especially regarding public procurement, antitrust, patrimonial liability of the Public Administrations and dependent agencies, environment, urban planning and special properties (water, mines, coasts, etc.), as well as defense before sanctioning procedures.

Our representation and defense services comprise all types of tax litigation’s actions as economic and contentious-administrative proceedings and constitutional and European Union ones; encompassing all sorts of disputes before the tax authorities.