Administrative Law

From the Public Law Department, we advise and defend the interests of our Clients in matters related to public entities, as well as in all kinds of matters regarding the application of administrative legislation, both judicially and extrajudicially.

Our services also include comprehensive advice on public sector contracting (administrative and private contracts), assistance in the preparation of the necessary documentation, and participation in bidding procedures, as well as support to the Client in the phase of fulfillment and termination of contracts.

Additionally, our team of professionals specializes in providing legal advice in all kinds of matters regarding regulated sectors, related to special properties (mines, coasts, waters, ports, etc.).

Our legal rigor and vast experience in public law matters places us in the best position to provide legal advice in:



Public sector procurement

  • Advice on bidding and tendering processes.
  • Review and execution of contracts and agreements.
  • Administrative concessions


Counseling in administrative proceedings

  • Presentation and follow-up of appeals before public administrations and independent bodies (Bank of Spain, National Commission of Markets and Competition, etc.).


Judicial proceedings

  • Legal direction in contentious-administrative appeals against public administrations.
  • Legal direction in civil proceedings involving public sector entities.
  • Handling of proceedings before the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.


Specific sectors and infrastructures

  • Advice on sectorial regulations (water, coasts, ports, road infrastructures).
  •  Advice on authorizations, concession and control of public subsidies.