Real Estate

The Firm relies on a team of professionals who are highly specialized in providing legal advice in a wide range of matters related to the investment, acquisition, construction, start-up and operation of real estate.

With an eminently practical and multidisciplinary approach, we analyze all the legal aspects affecting the real estate business, relying on a qualified and global specialization in the real estate legal advice field.

We are involved in complex real estate transactions, delivering value in the search for creative solutions, as well as in all aspects related to taxes and levies that must be faced by each of these operations. We also provide advice on all legal aspects regarding the management of real estate, both in terms of licenses or regulations that govern neighborhoods.

In summary, the Real Estate Area has a wide experience, focusing, among other matters, on:

  • Sale of large real estate properties and companies.
  • Real estate due diligence.
  • Promotion, negotiation and drafting of contracts.
  • Asset management.
  • Real estate financing.
  • Personal and real guarantees.
  • Complex real estate regulation.
  • Highly competitive litigation in real estate matters.