GTA Villamagna is a law Firm founded by Felipe Alonso Fernández and Ernesto García-Trevijano Garnica, prestigious professionals with more than 30 years’ experience in public administration and private legal practice.

The members of the Firm establish a strong relationship with our clients, which is based on the following values:

Legal rigour
GTA Villamagna has highly qualified professional teams that stand out for the quality of their work and for their legal rigour, both an essential part of our values.
Initiative and creativy
Our structure allows us to provide innovative and creative solutions, simultaneously guaranteeing the highest legal quality and ensuring a close and flexible relationship with the client.
Added value
We adjust to the client’s needs in an efficient way, providing added value to each case.
Customer commitment and personal attention
Our structure allows us to ensure that the client always receives exceptional and personalized attention. Each matter entrusted is managed by a partner who is personally and directly responsible for it, and who effectively participates in the providing of the service.
International approach
Our team is formed by highly qualified professionals, who have formed part of international law firms and multinational corporations. Despite counting on the collaboration of law firms in different jurisdictions, we are an independent Firm, which allows us to work in each country with the local firm that better serves the interests of our clients.