Our Firm provides legal advice to companies in the broadest sense. Our lawyers have extensive and recognized experience advising national and international companies on corporate matters, commercial contracts and transactions, M&A, banking and project finance.

In particular, the field of corporate advice includes, among others, company formation, structural changes, dissolution and liquidation, statutory changes, Secretary of the Board of Directors and advice to Boards rooms and shareholders.

We also provide advice on the negotiation, drafting and execution of all types of commercial contracts and transactions, such as distribution contracts (agency, franchise and supply), collaboration agreements, association, joint venture, warranty contracts, purchases, exchanges, leases, options contracts buy / sell contracts.

Our Firm has a solid practice in complex international and cross-border deals, including M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions. Our lawyers are involved in all phases of the operation guaranteeing our customers the highest quality service:

  • Analyzing the structure of the transaction.
  • Prepare and execute legal due diligence.
  • Advising buyers, sellers or investors as well as companies involved in the transaction.
  • Assisting and representing clients in the negotiation of agreements and contracts.
  • Design, advise and execute all complementary actions, for example, partnership agreements, planning and collateralization.
  • Prepare and execute the precise corporate resolutions for the full effectiveness of corporate operations.


GTA Villamagna Abogados has a wide experience in the following aspects:

  • Construction and operation of several power plants of various technologies, with an impressive track record investment in the renewable energy sector, with a leading practice in biomass, solar and thermoelectric.
  • Advising key actors on the renewable energy market (especially, new foreign investors) in the legal evaluation of complex regulatory assets and the transaction agreements, providing with constructive solutions that help the success of the transactions at the time we seek to control all legal risk.
  • Litigation in complex energy and natural resources matters.
  • Understanding and applying energy regulations; handling and managing relationships with energy regulators and policy-makers.
  • Handling complex issues relating to mining public concessions and exploitation contracts of mines.


GTA Villamagna Abogados has a vast experience in the following aspects:

  • Environmental law implications of high-value disposals and acquisitions of energy projects.
  • Advising key actors in the legal evaluation of complex environmental audits and the transaction agreements, providing with constructive solutions that help the success of the transactions at the time we seek to control all legal risk.
  • Advising local authorities on the regularization of local supplement of Natural Resources.
  • Litigation in complex environmental matters.
  • Understanding and applying environmental regulations; handling and managing relationships with policy-makers.
  • Handling complex issues in connection with environmental permits and environmental impact assessments.


The Firm advices and represents individuals and legal entities in their defense in economic, socio-economic and financial crimes, including corporate crimes, punishable insolvencies, tax and social security related crimes or crimes against public administrations.


The firm provides professional support in business crisis situations, as embodied substantially in providing the following services:

  • Planning and implementation of restructuring and refinancing.
  • Preparation and legal address of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Consulting in insolvency matters, including negotiations with creditors and financial institutions.
  • Performance, subject to judicial appointment, of insolvencies receiverships.
  • Directors´ responsibility arising from bankruptcy proceedings.


The Firm provides, integrated with those of other areas of practice, labor law and social security law as detailed services:

  • General advice on labor matters.
  • Labor contracting.
  • Compensation plans and social benefits for senior management and other employees.
  • Collective agreements and union relations.
  • Expatriate workers.
  • Expatriate workers.
  • Records restructuring, suspension and termination of employment contracts.
  • Legal representation before the labor courts.
  • Social Security procedures.
  • Study pension and early retirement plans.


The Firm has extensive experience in the judicial area, providing sophisticated solutions in pre-litigation and contentious to the most varied and complex issues that our clients, both companies and individuals. Our services are provided by teams of highly specialized lawyers in the sectors involved in each case and include action in the following areas:

  • Administrative. Litigation before the Administrative Courts, especially in public procurement, competition, liability of the Public Administrations and dependent organisms, environment, urban planning and special properties (water, mines, costs, etc.) and defense in disciplinary procedures. Contesting general provisions.
  • Tax. Our representation and defense services extend to all types of contentious proceedings before Economic Administrative, Contentious-Administrative, Constitutional and European Union instances, covering all types of conflicts against the tax authorities.
  • Civil. Exercise of actions and defense of interests of clients before the civil jurisdiction over, inter alia, compliance and termination of contracts, claims for damages, liabilities and penalties, contract and tort actions in defense of property and other rights in-rem and in matters relating to personal status, family and inheritance.
  • Commercial and corporate. We have extensive experience in insolvency proceedings, commercial and transactional litigation as well as on corporate related disputes, Directors liability and shareholders defense and activism, industrial and intellectual property.
  • Domestic and international arbitration. We act as arbitrators and we assist our clients in arbitration proceedings before national and international institutions.


Within the Planning Area, the Firm has a broad and long-time experience focused on, among others, the following matters:

  • Drafting of legal aspects with regard to urban planning instruments required in Real Estate development operations.
  • Appeal of urban plans through administrative and judicial channels.
  • Drafting of urban planning management and implementation instruments and processing for their approval, in particular, urban agreements.
  • Granting of licenses and environmental permits.
  • Drafting of legal texts on urban planning matters.


Our Firm advises administrations, individuals, public companies and private companies with outstanding quality. Our services are provided by teams of highly specialized lawyers, among others, in the following areas:

  • Public Administrations contracting. Our advice covers all the contracting process form its inception until its conclusion, therefore including our advice on public tenders, execution and extinction of the contracts subscribed with Public Administrations.
  • Environment. We have a team of professionals with a broad experience including legal due diligences, contaminated soils, environmental responsibility and sanctions and obtaining environmental permits and licenses.
  • Town planning. We advise and defend the interests of clients in matters related to planning instruments required in real estate development operations, processing of urban planning instruments of private initiative, challenge and/or defense in administrative and contentious-administrative procedure of urban plans, advice on expropriation, writing instruments and implementation planning management and processing of approval, in particular planning agreements and advice in the establishment and management of urban entities.
  • Regulated sectors. We have extensive experience in the presentation and monitoring of resources to the government and independent bodies (Bank of Spain, National Securities Market Commission, Competition Commission, etc.)
  • Special properties. The Firm advices on waters, coasts, ports and highways legislation.
  • Infrastructures. The Firm has a team of professionals specialized in providing legal advice on all matters related to investment, financing, construction, commissioning and operation of major infrastructures.


GTA Villamagna Abogados has a broad experience in Real Estate practice, with special focus in the following matters:

  • Significant buildings and Real Estate companies purchase agreements.
  • Promotion, architecture and construction agreements.
  • Asset Management.
  • Real Estate financing.
  • Personal and goods warranties.
  • Legal configuration of significant buildings.
  • Complex Real Estate matters litigation.


Our Firm enjoys an excellent reputation in advising on tax matters of the utmost complexity, and is recognized by customers for its ability to develop innovative solutions with the highest level of quality and technical expertise. The Firm provides its clients with a comprehensive tax advice covering all areas of taxation, including:

  • Continued tax advice aimed to national and international companies and groups of companies in Spain.
  • Tax advice in the area of largest assets, family businesses and their owners, physical people in their personal taxation.
  • Consulting and Succession Planning from a legal and tax point of view.
  • Tax advice on investments abroad by residents and non-residents in Spain..
  • Advice on financial products and investment vehicles.
  • Assistance and advice on tax inspections and any other tax procedures in the economic and administrative means, and jurisdictional, national and / or international.
  • Tax advice in real estate and environmental taxation.